Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist


Please contact Dr. Schroeder to schedule an initial appointment. He may be reached by telephone at (908) 399-1514 (preferred contact method),  or by e-mail at Prior to the initial session,  Dr. Schroeder will inquire, by telephone, about the reason you are seeking assistance and what you would like to accomplish through psychotherapy.  When appropriate, an initial session will be scheduled. An intake assessment will be completed during the first session. Background information about your situation, as well as your family and personal history will be taken. If it is  determined that Dr. Schroeder is not the ideal mental health professional to address your needs,  he will refer you to others in the area that have been successful in addressing issues similar to the ones you have identified.

If you decide that you wish to begin psychotherapy, Dr. Schroeder will typically schedule one 57-minute session (one appointment hour of 57 minutes duration) per week at a mutually agreed upon time.   Once an appointment time is scheduled, you will be expected to pay for it unless you cancel 24 hours in advance.

Professional Fees:

The hourly fee is $180.  This fee includes one 57-minute individual psychotherapy session.   In addition to weekly appointments, this amount will also be charged for other professional services that you may require, although the hourly cost will be prorated when the time period is less than one hour.  Other services may include consultation,  report writing,  and time spent on performing any other service that you may request.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered unless other arrangements have been made.   If you are using health insurance to cover payment for sessions, it is expected that your copayments will be made at the time services are rendered.  In circumstances of unusual financial hardship, a payment plan may be arranged.


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